Monday, May 12, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Project

With School Coming to a close, it's time to start putting together gifts for the teachers. My daughter's preschool class is putting together a little book with a page for each child. Here is the front and back of the page that my daughter and I put together for her teachers.

My Daughter, Taylor, just loves doing crafts. A few days ago, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and she told me that she would like to be an artist and a McDonald's worker. Well, she's already a little artist, so we'll see how the McDonald's thing pans out!
Here is the side that Taylor put together. She wrote "Thank you for being nice. Love, Taylor" as her personal note to the teachers. She also drew a picture of herself with her teachers.

Taylor picked out the buttons for her page. I think she did a great job choosing coordinating colors! We recently harvested buttons in our house. We had piles and piles of old clothes. The clothes that were headed to the trash can were first stripped of their buttons. Taylor has been itching to use some of those buttons for weeks!

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