Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm back in the saddle!

I had to buy a new computer today. My old laptop, which was just over one year old quit on me. I took it to the repair shop thinking it just needed a new hard drive but it also turns out that, in addition to the bad hard drive, my mother board was fried. It even had the burn marks on the back to prove it! Thank God it didn't catch fire!

My old computer was a Gateway that I bought from Best Buy. We've bought so many major appliances, computers, cameras and mp3 players there and I always dread the part of the sales pitch where they try to sell you an extended warranty. I didn't buy the warranty for the computer and now I'm wishing I had!

This new computer is a Dell Vostro that I bought from a local computer shop that also offered an extended warranty. I feel good about this purchase for two reasons 1.) I'm supporting the little guy and 2.) I got the warranty on this one!

I have been making cards and will post pictures just as soon as I load my camera software on here. Check back soon!

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