Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hang Loose!

I adore the car in this set. There is one man who occasionally drives around town in one of these woodies and I love it when I get to pass him on the road. We have the Jeep version... an '88 Grand Wagoneer and it is our favorite car to ride around in. My husband hopes to one day buy a really nice one from Wagonmasters some day but the one we have is perfect for now... oil leaks and all! Now, if we can only get more than 8 MPG in it we would be doing great!

The stamps that I used to make this card are The Angel Company Hang Loose. It comes with four different surf board designs, a guy riding a wave, the car of course, sentiments that say "hang loose it's your birthday!", "what's up dude!!", "you're totally righteous dude!" and "heard you wiped out. get well soon." One other stamp that sealed the deal for me when deciding whether or not to get this set is a stamp is actually for the back of my projects. It reads, "Don't throw this away dude! It's totally hand stamped!"

I just used markers and a blending pen to color these. I made the Woody shine with some Liquid Glass.

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