Monday, May 19, 2008

A Birthday Milestone

I can't believe my little girl is about to graduate from preschool! One of her friends is having a party to celebrate her 5th birthday. Whew! Taylor will be 5 before we know it too! Time has flown by so quickly with her. My sweet little monkey in the middle!

I used an older CTMH stamp set called Party Favors. I love the way the background turned out. The paper is from The Angel Company.

I stamped Happy Birthday on the inside and gave Taylor some pens and told her to write and draw on the inside of her friend's card. I also let her decorate the envelope. I tend to take over on these kinds of things...LOL.

I did let her slide the blade on the paper trimmer when I was cutting all the pieces out. Whenever she comes to help me she has started to say that she wants to help "for real." She's starting to pick up on me handing her some scrap papers and letting her do a side project while I work on the real thing.

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