Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage 90's Makeup Storage à la Caboodles!

If you were over the age of 12 at any point during the '90s, then you probably had one of these! I know I did and I toted my Caboodles with me every time I went to sleep over at a friends house and when I went off to summer camp. I packed it with all of my make-up, trinkets and items to trade (remember trading?!), Rave extra super mega hold hairspray, curling iron, crimping iron, and Lord knows what else!

These cases came in so many sizes and had so many compartments (see below) that you could fit lots of stuff inside! This art deco beauty below is not a Caboodles, but competing brand Sassaby. While Caboodles where on top back in the day, I have to say that the Sassabys with their art deco styling just might be my favorite today!

I actually picked up this Sassaby at the Good Will this morning for a buck fifty! It has all of its compartments and dividers and after a good cleaning with some household cleaner, toothbrush and a Magic Eraser, she cleaned up nicely! I originally bought it for my daughter, but I'm tempted to keep it for myself! Still debating on that one. :)

I believe the Caboodles I actually used in the '90s is still at my parent's house. I might hit my mom up for that one as it's bigger than the one I just bought. I can't believe I ever stopped using it in the first place! After years fumbling around, digging for make up in the many, many make up bags I've had since ditching my old Caboodles, I'm glad to have a new one in my possession!

I know they make newer models that you can buy at WalMart and Target, but there's something about the old ones. I just love them! 
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Dee in N.H. said...

Those are cool! I must have been under a rock up here because I have never heard of these!

Renee said...

oh, i had one of those! Mine was hot pink and purple, didn't keep it though, boohoo.